Bee & The Hive is an Oklahoma-based band that explores a combination of pop, punk, and indie rock.  The band members’ formal background in jazz and classical music provides a unique take on the “midwestern indie rock band” trope.  Their songs consist of quirky melodies, blunt lyricism, and jam-style solo sections.  Each tune is meticulously designed to showcase the individual players’ own personal finesse, in addition to the collaborative sound they have built together.

The project was started by saxophonist Jeffrey Stevenson in the summer of 2021, as a little group playing lead singer Bee Pichardo’s songs for a house show (with very minimal rehearsal).  The first gig was such a success that Bee & Jeffrey decided to pursue this band as a legitimate project.  Bassist Nelson Gonzalez, guitarist Noah Roberts, and drummer Kyle Broadbooks joined Bee & The Hive in the following months, and the group began rehearsing and writing together rigorously.  The band quickly gained traction in the Oklahoma area, gigging frequently with other locals and touring bands.  In 2022, Bee & the Hive began recording their original songs and signed with Catapult Recordings to release their debut single & EP.